How It Works!
Stupid Simple Cash is a free easy to use referral system.

When a member joins our site!

They gain access to our members area where they find, easy to follow instructions, a section for joining and/or entering their userid's for the sites listed by our system & personalized referral links.

When visitors to our site view pages using a members referral link, our system automatically inserts the members userid's for the sites listed on the page.

Visitors are then using the members referral links when visiting sites and that member receives any resulting signups.

It's that 'Stupid Simple'! :)

Our system promotes 3rd party websites,in which we have no vested interest in or control over any sites listed other then being members. Any interaction between our members and/or visitors of our site and any 3rd party site links displayed on our system is strictly between members and/or visitors and the sites being visited.